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Your strong and robust opponent in boxing

Easy to set up for perfect training conditions. With the shape and size of the boxing body, the standing punching bags come very close to a real opponent and are perfect for boxing training at home. You can set up the standing punching bag anywhere and train your punches. The total height of the standing punching bag should correspond to your body height for effective boxing training. Practice your punching technique on a standing punching bag at home as you would with a real opponent.


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A standing punching bag is the ideal alternative to the classic punching bag! Our standing punching bags are very similar in shape and size to a real opponent and are perfect for practising punch and kick combinations. You can set them up in any room without drilling, wall or ceiling brackets and start your boxing training immediately. We pay the shipping costs for all our standing punching bags and offer you free delivery. If you don't like the punching bag, you can easily return it to us within 14 days and get your money back.

What size should a stand-up punching bag be?

When choosing a standing punching bag, make sure that the overall height of the bag corresponds to your body height. This ensures that the punching surface is positioned in such a way that you can easily train kicking and punching techniques while standing upright.

What weight should a good standing punching bag have?

A HAMMER standing punching bag is filled with 150kg of water or 180kg of sand.

Where can I find a height-adjustable standing punching bag?

Our punching bags are all adjustable in height and can be ideally adapted to your body size:

  • Impact Punch: 162cm, 177cm, 192 cm
  • Perfect Punch: 162cm, 174cm, 192 cm
  • Sparring Pro punching bag: 160cm, 175cm, 190cm, 205 cm

Stand-up punching bag Impact Punch

With 3 adjustable heights and a large hitting area, our Impact Punching bag offers perfect conditions for your training. The large base with a diameter of 55 cm can be filled with water, sand or gravel and can withstand even the hardest punches without falling over.

Stand-up punching bag Perfect Punch

You can set up our Perfect Punch punching bag anywhere and train boxing techniques true to scale. The punching bag is solidly made of easy-to-clean PU material.

Stand-up punching bag Sparring Pro

Thanks to the 4-way height adjustment, the standing punching bag can be ideally adapted to your body size. Thanks to the large hitting area, you can train all punch and kick combinations 1 to 1.